Monday, July 20, 2015

Making the Switch in Texas!

Today my kids' time with Grandpa & Mama Dee comes to an end and they head to Alvarado, Texas! They will spend one night with Ms. Di-nee-na-na before heading to G.A. and R.A. Camp in Glen Rose! (Glen Rose is where I attended my first G.A. Camp in 1988!) Cason will spend a couple of more days with Grandpa & Mama Dee before he heads to Brownwood with Paw & B-Maw. Fun times! Here are a few pics of their last week in Temple!

Cambree has taken to the sewing machine like a fish to water! She has made diapers for her baby doll and a mini pillow!

Caedmon got in on the action too and made his own pattern for a stuffed lion!

Lots of Dominoes with Grandpa!

Snowcones in that Texas heat!

And of course, a last trip to the library where they saw some of their favorite characters!

We are so grateful to Mama Dee and Grandpa for the fun adventures of the last 3 weeks, the trips to the water park and movies, the shopping for camp, and the hours of fun!

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