Friday, March 1, 2013

T is for Tortillas!

So preschoolers are not my all! But when Teacher Diana asked if her Stars Preschool class of 10 could come over on Friday to make tortillas after learning the letter T this week, I couldn't say no! After all, she does teach my oh so sweet 4 year old every day for 4 hours!!! ;) 10 preschoolers, flour, and my cleaning lady had just left for the weekend - aahh!! It really wasn't so bad..except for when I turned around and Kefi had dropped his tortilla...twice...and then I turned back around and Precious was drinking out of my water bottle.. :) Seriously though it's amazing to get to be apart of teaching these kids new things (what other Zambian knows what a tortilla is?!) and to watch how fast they learn when they are in a safe and loving environment! (However, if anyone sees Teacher Diana, tell her I'm busy on Fridays from now until....the unforeseen future...)

Axer & Glory busy rolling out dough
Christina's smile makes the mess worth it!
While some were making tortillas, others were making "tall towers!"

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