Thursday, June 18, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

Conversations I've had with my kids the past few days:

Caedmon: I'm gonna marry Brookie!
Cambree: I'm gonna marry Daddy!
Caedmon: You can't marry Daddy, Cambree.
Cambree: Why not?
Caedmon: Because he doesn't have a crown.

(playing with Barbies)
Caedmon: Mama, can you put these clothes and shoes on Ken?
Me: Sure sweetie.
(Mama absentmindedly throws clothes and shoes on Ken and gives back to Caedmon)
(Caedmon sighs with pleasure)
Caedmon: There. Now all he needs is his head.
(Sure enough...I hadn't even noticed but Ken's head is nowhere to be found!)

(after a devotional on Jonathan and David, best friends in the Bible)
Me: Caedmon, do you have a best friend?
Caedmon: Yes, it's Megan. Megan and Tatum and Wyatt.
Me: Cambree, do you have a best friend?
(Cambree throws her arm over Caedmon's neck)
Cambree: My best friend is Taedmon.
Caedmon: Best friends aren't mean to each other. They love each other.
Cambree (in a soft voice, looking adoringly up at her big brother): I love Taedmon always....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Recital!

Yesterday was Cambree's first dance recital! She was pretty precious! The two dances her class did was the hokey pokey, and how much is that doggie in the window. As they danced, I was watching from the wings so I couldn't see Cambree's face, but I noticed that the audience kept laughing. I asked Blu later what they were laughing at and he said that Cambree was making very intense faces as she danced!! :) Enjoy the pics from her big day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Feed the Forgotten

Too often we hear heartbreaking stories about hungry children in Africa and we do nothing. We feel helpless. . . and so we move on. Not this time. There are people DYING in Uganda right now. There are children whose bellies are hungry and aching. There are mamas who are too weak to stand and babies begging to be held. There are people trapping termites hoping for food and eating dung in helplessness. DO NOT CAVE TO DESPAIR. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING.

For $0.14, you can feed someone a meal of posho and beans. (posho is cornmeal, which is filling and beans are protein). Take that in for a moment. . .

$0.14 a meal

$2.86 for 20 days

$1 per FAMILY

$20 feeds a family for 20 days.

How much was my Chick Fil A yesterday? How much is your Starbucks? The bigger question is how much am I willing to give up SO THAT OTHERS MIGHT EAT?

Remember Jesus story of the Good Samaritan? Remember how his very neighbors walked right by him? They probably looked at him with pity. . .probably thought "oh poor guy, that breaks my heart" but the fact is THEY DID NOTHING.

I am somewhat addicted to ice cream, and last week I had 4 Dairy Queen Blizzards and 2 Wendy's Frosties. (no comments please) The cost of that totals $15. This week, I am sacrificing all of my blizzards and frosties and giving $15 to Feed the Forgotten. I encourage you to sacrifice something this week as well.

The money raised will feed those precious children. There are 3 - 4 villages that are being targeted. These people are literally starving. . Will you help? Even with paypal fees (2-3%) even $1 will feed 6 people! You CAN make a difference.

Join us and Children's HopeChest to FEED THE FORGOTTEN!!!


Thanks and God bless!